Equal Employment Opportunity

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Welcome to the EEO Office homepage. You will find useful information concerning the EEO program and process. The purpose of this Web page is to give an overview of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program.


Our mission is to advise Commanders and Management Officials on any issues involving EEO, provide EEO training, manage all stages of complaint process to include counseling, investigation and adjudication process for both the US and the HN program.



  • U.S. program:  applicants, current employees (AF & NAF), former employees, contractors, volunteers, all people with disabilities.
  • HN program:  current employees only, Belgium only.



  • U.S. program:  discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, gender, color, age, genetic information, physical & mental disability, and reprisal (for previous EEO activity)
  • HN program:  violence/moral/sexual harassment; discrimination based on sex, race, color, origin (national or ethnic), sexual preference, civilian status, birth, wealth, age, religious or philosophical conviction, current or future health status, handicap, physical characteristic


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Contact Information

EEO Manager (U.S.)

DSN 361-5057
civilian 0032-(0)68-27-5057

EEO Manager (HN)

DSN 361-5786
civilian 0032-(0)68-27-5786


DSN 361-5276
civilian 0032-(0)68-27-5276

Postal address

Equal Employment Opportunity Office
USAG Benelux, Unit 21419,
attn: IMCH-EE
APO AE 09708