Unit History

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USAG Benelux has an interesting and dual history.  Originally designated as the 80th Ordnance Group, the organization was activated on 25 January 1945 at Luneville, France and then later that year inactivated at Ft. Benning, Georgia. It was again reactivated at Red River Arsenal, Texas in 1954.  In 1966, it was redesignated as the 80th General Support Group when it moved to Vietnam. 
After more than five years of distinguished service supporting 13 campaigns in Vietnam, the organization was inactivated in 1972.  In 1984 the 80th Support Group [Area] was reactivated and relocated to Chievres, Belgium.
Of historical significance to the Garrison is that of the NATO/SHAPE Support Group [U.S.] activated in Brussels in 1967 and moved its HQs to Caserne Daumerie later that year.  On activation and designation as the 80th Area Support Group, in 1984, the US support to NATO mission was absorbed into the new unit and it was formally known as: 80th Area Support Group (NSSG), with its HQ at Caserne Daumerie.  On 01 October 2005, the unit was re-designated the US Army Garrison, Benelux.
In 2012 USAG Benelux underwent a major transformation and subordinate garrisons’ USAG Schinnen and USAG Brussels inactivated and became satellite sites of USAG Benelux. 
USAG Benelux provides support to meet the special international and joint environment demands for military communities in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom and northern Germany.